Your support through sponsorship is crucial to our efforts in solving the problem of people sleeping rough in Ipswich.

The Bus Shelter Ipswich is part of a growing network working towards reducing the number of rough sleepers on our streets of Ipswich. We are providing rough sleepers with a warm dry and safe environment as well as hot food and the support they need to help them get back into society.

We need to raise £25,000 a year

The Bus Shelter Ipswich will cost approximately £25,000 a year to run
(not including major vehicle repairs).
It may sound a lot but when you break it down:
14 places on the bus equals £1,785 per guest per year. Divided by 12 it works out that we can give 24/7 support to a rough sleeper for as little as £149 per month!

Please consider donating through sponsorship to help us achieve our mission

Does your company or do you know a company who would like a sponsored advert on this website or on the outside of the bus?

To find out more and to discuss advertsing options, please get in touch with us on:

01473 276111 or email

It could happen to you

According to the Homeless Society, the difference between the average person and a homeless person nowadays is ‘two pay packets and a family break up’.

“A lot of people are only about two paydays away from being homeless.”

Basically what that means is, if you lost your job tomorrow, and didn’t get paid for the next two paydays, the chances are you’d become homeless because you wouldn’t have the money to continue paying your mortgage, or your rent or other expenses”

Please sponsor the less fortunate.

All donations / sponsorships are greatly appreciated.